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Ollj Real3D Beta2 by ollj Ollj Real3D Beta2 by ollj
Imagine seing 3D objects in Winamps AVS trough 3D glasses in real 3D !
This contains one 3D rotating wibrating cube and some presets you need 3D glasses for :) (Smile)
They look really cool but some are crappy too. i am just at the begining of this. checking if someone out there owns 3D glasses :) (Smile)
3D glasses not included.
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Spudd86 Featured By Owner Mar 14, 2006
Heh, about 3 years after you made this I came up with the same basic idea compleatly indepently....

first try
my best one
super-nova Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2001

sweet I love 3d visuals milkdrop which you can download from also has some very groovy 3d visuals you have to select them though otherwise it only uses the normal ones
ollj Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2001
And I thought we make serious discussion here.
How lame.
darn Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2001
this *kind gentleman* gave me f--, so the least i could do was return the favor

ollj Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2001
Really? Great. That limitation and the fucking long one lined formulars (you need ages to find the right place) really suck.

el-vis Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2001
I think overall this is a great idea. Even if not many people have got this 3D-glasses at hand. But it ads another new dimension to AVS. Will try to get some glasses and have a real look.

PS: If you have any ideas how to improve the 3D-code let me know. I kept it as simple as possible because of the limitations of input in SSC. But this problem will be gone in AVS2.5!

ollj Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2001

thats why I published it in beta status.
Because i wanted to see how many ppl want to watch AVS presets trough 3D glasses.
I know that just one of 100 ppl (or less) have theese shitty glasses.

But gelieve me, a verticle-z-axis-line can be really much 3D!! (thats shown in the_z_axix_really_exists.avs ) where a spectrum that has NO Y-AXIS (a liing piece of paper) rotates on the x-axis (like a wheel that rolls to you) and you can see this easily and in 3D.
So dont poll about something you have not seen.
guesshimself Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2001
great ideas with these. you could have more than scopes goin on tho. but some of those are great scopes. keep it up!

my most frequently asked question: who let you in here?
nemoorange Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2001
Great cube, I especially like the one with the spectrums. But other than that, I think you should stay away from that whole red + offset blue 3D stuff. I don't think anyone has 3-D glasses, I wouldn't even know where to find them. & even if I did, I don't think these presets would be any better, I mean, how 3-D can a verticle line be?

Oh well, clever thinking though. Like to see some more superscope stuff from you in the future. keep on.
emphamy Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2001
pretty cool..

:: emphamy
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June 20, 2001
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